Retro Glam Prom

Hi! There are some changes in my life.
Firstly, I've finished school! Yay!
Secondly, I had my birthday on 29th May. I'm 18 now! Yay too!
Thirdly, I had an official prom yesterday and I would like to tell you more about it. We have an official and an unofficial prom. So, I have 2 dresses and today is the first one.
Actually, I didn't expect an official prom. I went (no, ran) to the mall to find something. I didn't know what I want. As soon as I saw this dress I decided to create a retro style look. This type of dresses girls wore in the '50s. Bright colors, fluffy skirts. Love retro.
What do you think? Do you like my look?
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Dress:  Local store (but you can find similar here)
Bag: Diva
Shoes: Paolo Conte


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