Mercedes-benz fashion week Russia 2014

I just have to share with you my happiness about visiting Russian Fashion Week! It was my first fashion week ever so that was a very special moment for me. First of all, I was curious how it feels when you are on a fashion week. It's sick haha. There were some photographers on the streets like paparazzi. This is so weird when you walk and suddenly somebody starts taking pictures of you. Well, for me it's weird. And my picture is so funny haha I look clumsy on it. Secondly, all clothes look different when you watch it sitting there. I think they aren't that bright as they look on photos lately. Thirdly, the atmosphere there was so cool! Inside there were some corners where you could have your hair styled by L'oreal professionals. The same corner was with the make-up.

The photographer took a picture of me for a competition, so, you can vote for me here. Then you could also watch a live stream from the runway on a big screen or you could go and see it yourself. Though, I have to say there were many people and wasn't so much space for all of them! However, this was such an amazing place that I didn't want to leave haha.
I must say big thanks to russian brand Zarina for the invitations!
You can check their latest collection here. I like this brand because their clothes are so wearable and stylish. Especially, I really love the dresses from the last fall-winter collection.
Thank you, guys, for being here because without my blog and my readers I wouldn't be there! I still can't believe that I was on that incredible fashion event.
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Oh, and, of course, I'll show you my look that day!


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